“When I first considered placing my name on the ballot, it was in part due to people asking me to just give them an additional choice in the election. A choice on a difference in management style, priorities, and just as important, how things are done.”

“I consider this to be the most beautiful place on earth.”

My goal has always been to have people trust their government…

and believe that their government will be fair and do what is right by law & a sense of what is right. I support a system & style of government that invites participation & is open in its decision making. People should be given the opportunity to determine the kind of community and lifestyle they want & government should work to make this possible.

“People don’t have much faith and trust in government these days, from federal government on down, not just because of certain issues here. I feel a real responsibility to do something about it. I feel there is an opportunity to make things better.”

Mahalo nui loa Hawai‘i island!

Mahalo Hawai‘i Island – we did it with 52%! Mahalo nui loa for all that you contributed to make this campaign a success! http://www.harrykimformayor.com/news/