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Endorsement from Cecelia Kapalikui Kaiewe

Endorsement from Cecelia Kapalikui Kaiewe

Endorsement received from Cecelia Kapalikui Kapali Kaiewe
Auntie “Ceci” Endorses Harry Kim for Mayor on her 83rd Birthday, 8/7/16

Known as Cecelia Kapalikui “Kapali” Kaiewe, long time waitress of 24 years at Mun Cheong Lau, landmark downtown Hilo restaurant, born and raised in Mokuhulu, Puna, endorses Harry Kim for Mayor.

My beautiful husband, John Keoni Sonny Kaiewe Jr., born and raised in Ola’a, Kea’au, grew up as a hanai brother of Harry Kim. They were both taught Hawaiian cultural values by John Kaiewe Senior or as Harry fondly called him, “My Tutu Man Papa Kaiewe”. Harry knows and understands about the Hawaiian people and their love of ohana, respect for the kupuna, and our ‘aina.

Please vote Harry Kim for Mayor.

Cecelia Kapalikui “Kapali” Kaiewe

HRCC Endorses Big Island Mayoral Candidate Harry Kim

HRCC Endorses Big Island Mayoral Candidate Harry Kim
Download PDF of HRCC Article

Hawaii Regional Carpenters Council (HRCC) members with Harry Kim
(left to right): Dana Williams, Dean Uyeda, Nicole Soares, Dennis Walsh, Mayoral Candidate Harry Kim, Bob Depew, Field Rep. Dean Au, Nolan Terlep, and Edwin Paguirigan

Harry Kim has been a fixture of the Big Island community for several decades. As Hawaii County Director of Civil Defense for 24 years and during his eight years as Mayor from 2000-2008, many residents have fond memories of his dedication to public service. Seeing a need to restore trust in government, Harry Kim has decided to run for Mayor and lead the Big Island into a more prosperous future. The Hawaii Regional Council of Carpenters has endorsed Harry Kim for his leadership, vast experience, and sound judgement.

Q: What were your administration’s biggest accomplishments during your previous term as Mayor of Hawai‘i Island?

My pledge and goals from the beginning has always been to have people trust their government and believe that their government will be fair and do what is right by law. I truly know we stayed on that course. In carrying out that pledge, our accomplishments included projects that were delayed for years because of communication failures. A major responsibility of government leadership is to bring people together to facilitate the resolution of differences so projects can be completed for the betterment of the community. Some of the projects resulting from a partnership of community, developers, and government include:

  • Kohanaiki Shores, where the developer and community worked together to complete a beautiful project;
  • Coastview-Wonderview, where the County upgraded substandard private lines and catchment systems, through an innovative County and Federal funding agreement;
  • Veterans Home, where we worked with veterans to lobby for a facility that would be designed and operated with the care and respect that veterans deserve.

We also worked hard on issues that affected the broader community:

  • We initiated a community development process that established a stronger relationship between government and the community to facilitate growth in the right places while protecting treasured areas;
  • Lowered tax rates and established the 3% assessment cap.

Q: What factors contributed to your decision to run for Mayor again?
There is a growing gap between the “haves” and the “have- nots” and that should be of great concern to all. Government has failed to fully address this issue and contributed to the financial hardships of families by its tax policies.

Q: What is your philosophy regarding development?
Development must be pursued and supported if it is considered by the community as good for Hawai‘i. There are many examples of failures that have created an image and atmosphere detrimental to business and growth. We must work to restore trust and communication with all stakeholders. Good development is the backbone of a good and prosperous community.

Q: Regarding construction, what would be the priori- ties of your administration if you were elected?
In setting priorities for construction, there should be clear criteria and meaningful input from the community, businesses, and agencies. One definite criterion is public health and safety. We would collaboratively and openly identify and apply these criteria to prioritize projects. The amount of spending for capital projects needs to be within prudent debt limits. Alternative sources of financing other than bond (debt) financing should be explored to expand the number or size of projects. There should be trust in the procurement process that the bidding and award has been fair. The County needs competent project managers to expedite procedures and issues, and manage the time and budget for these projects to the satisfaction of contractors and the general public. I have not listed specific projects, but I have expressed the principles upon which priorities would be set.

Puna Pono Alliance endorses Harry Kim

Puna Pono Alliance endorses Harry Kim

Puna Pono Alliance (PPA) Logo

The upcoming county elections are very important to Puna Pono Alliance and our community, it is easier for us to participate and effect changes at the County level through the County Council, Planning Commission, and with the Mayor directly.  We need votes in order to elect people at the county level that represent our communities instead of the various special interests like PGV. Change starts from the bottom up.

This year, it is especially important to vote in the primary election on Saturday, August 13th.

There are three county races that will affect Puna’s representation, we are asking for your help to elect people that we believe will best represent our Puna communities’ interests.

Our endorsements for Hawaii County Mayor’s race, as well as Puna Council Districts 4 and 5 are:

Mayors race:  Harry Kim

PPA supports Harry Kim for Mayor and we hope you will too. We have worked closely with Harry in the past and think Harry is the best candidate for a number of reasons. Harry is not beholden to any special interest and unlike the other candidates limits all campaign donations to $10.00. PPA believes that creates a level playing field for all of us.

PPA supports Harry Kim for MayorHarry Kim is not under pressure to deliver to anyone person, special interest, or any corporate entity after he becomes mayor because they helped fund his campaign, that makes Harry different from the rest of the candidates.

Harry Kim has a masters degree in economics, he brings decades of experience and proven integrity to the table. Harry has a long record of working with us and protecting the community interests. PPA believes he is the best candidate to best represent us as our Mayor.

Harry Kim headed Hawaii County Civil Defense for decades dealing with threats from lava flows, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, fires and more. He is known around the world for his expertise on disaster management. Harry drew national recognition with the disaster responses he developed and was even ask to help develop emergency planning on an international level. He has traveled to and worked with other countries on their national emergency and disaster planning. Harry has earned respect at home, nationally, and around the world, he has shown me he will include the community impacts of projects and not just developer’s interests in decision making.

PPA members have worked closely with Harry Kim for years on the problems PGV has created in our community and we have gotten to know him, I have known him professionally through working with him on the issue for over 30 years. Harry understands there are health effects in the community related to the many accidents at PGV better than any other candidate because he has been here with us and seen it himself. As head of CD he was on the front lines through all the accidents and releases and he was the only one who refused to sign off on restarting PGV after their 1991 31 hour well blowout at KS-8 forced the community for miles around to flee for our safety. He stood alone against the state and the county because he knew the problems at PGV had not been adequately addressed. Then Mayor Lorraine Inouye, overruled him and PGV was allowed to restart without ever getting the monitoring system or emergency evacuation plan the experts and Harry Kim said were needed to protect the area residents.

For all of those reasons and our future please consider giving Harry $10.00 if you can. All his signs are handmade by volunteers, please make one if you can or better yet have a Harry Kim for Mayor talk story or sign making party. To get in touch with Harry Kim for Mayor please go to his web page: http://www.harrykimformayor.com/

It really makes a difference for our community in who we elect as our Mayor. Please vote for Harry Kim in the primary election on August 13th.


Some of the races this election will be settled in the primary on August 13th, so please try to vote in the primary if you can and remind your friends and family to vote also. While the county election is non-partisan meaning you can vote for any party candidate, please remember that the state election is partisan, meaning to vote for Russell Ruderman for state senate you must vote an all democratic ballot for the state races. If you want to vote for state candidates in the primary that are not democrats you must use a different ballot, you can not do both or your ballot will be “spoiled” if you make that mistake, meaning none of your votes will count for any of the candidates if you cross party lines while voting at the state level.

This is how the state election page explains it.

Primary Election

The Primary Election is held to nominate candidates to represent the political parties in the General Election. This nomination process, called a Single Party Primary, asks voters to select candidates from the party of their choice. Similarly, candidates who do not belong to a specific party will be nominated to the General Election ballot as a nonpartisan candidate. Your choice of party and candidates remains secret, but if you vote for candidates in more than one party your votes will be spoiled for all and not count.

Candidates for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, and county contests also appear on the Primary Election ballot. All voters may vote in these contests regardless of party affiliation



Hawaii Regional Council of Carpenters Endorses Harry Kim

The Hawaii Regional Council of Carpenters Endorses Harry Kim For Hawaii Island Mayor

Date: Sat, Jun 25, 2016 8:58 am

Hilo, HI- The Hawaii Regional Council of Carpenters, the state’s largest construction union with nearly 7,000 members, announced their support for former Hawaii Island Mayor Harry Kim. Kim served as County Director of Civil Defense for 16 years and as mayor from 2000-2008.

“Harry Kim understands the challenges faced by working families and will work hard to bring opportunities that create good paying jobs and a diversified economy for Hawaii Island. His previous tenure as mayor speaks for itself; and we trust Harry to make the right kind of decisions that will benefit the people of Hawaii Island for years to come. We strongly support Harry’s “application” to serve the people of Hawaii Island again,” said Ron Taketa, Executive Secretary-Treasurer for the Hawaii Regional Council of Carpenters.

During Kim’s time as mayor he set into motion numerous infrastructure projects for roads and highways to improve transportation and traffic flow island-wide, especially for the growing community of West Hawaii. Kim was also credited with leading Hawaii Island through bad and good economic times. His creation of the Disaster and Emergency Fund, the Rainy Day funding reserves, and his set aside of nearly $27 million for the unpaid liability of post-retirement benefits for public workers were instrumental to the economic stability of Hawaii Island in the years following his term as mayor.

For more information about Harry Kim, visit his website: harrykimformayor.com

Photo caption: (Hilo, Hawaii) Mayoral candidate Harry Kim, Business Representative Dean Au and
members of the Hawaii Regional Council of Carpenters stand in support of Kim’s application for mayor.


6/26/2016 1:43 PM
Correction Notes from Harry:
*Served as Civil Defense Director for 24 years.
*Supported, rather than initiated, the creation of the Disaster and Emergency Fund.

Sierra Club of Hawaii endorses Harry Kim

Sierra Club Seal of Political EndorsementSierra Club of Hawaii endorses Harry Kim –
A preview of the endorsement letter received from Jonathan Likelike Scheuer of the Sierra Club of Hawaii: 

Malama I Ka Honua – Cherish the Earth

June 30, 2016

Aloha Mayor Kim,

I am please to inform you that the Sierra Club of Hawaii has endorsed your candidacy for the 2016 election in appreciation of your commitment to protecting the environment.  The Sierra Club is putting faith in you to help sustain Hawaii‘s beautiful environment for generations to come.

The Sierra Club endorsement means a lot to our 12,000 members and to the general public.  Our endorsement sends voters a message of your strong support for the environment and your proven track record in conservation issues.  We will send out notices of our endorsed candidates to members in our Malama newsletter.  We will also be posting endorsements on our website well before the primary election…

…The Sierra Club is solidly behind your efforts to raise environmental issues during your campaign and wholeheartedly extends our support for your campaign to serve in public office.  Please let us know how we can assist.


Jonathan Likelike Scheuer
Chair, Political Committee
Sierra Club of Hawai‘i Chapter

HGEA Endorses Harry Kim for Hawaii Island Mayor

hgea-logoHawaii Government Employees Association announced its endorsement of Harry Kim for Hawaii Island Mayor today. Kim has a long history of public service including 16 years as Hawaii County Civil Defense Director and more recently Hawaii County Mayor from 2000 to 2008.

“Harry Kim is a pragmatic leader who believes in and cares for Hawaii’s working people,” said HGEA Executive Director Randy Perreira. “He understands how decisions he makes as Mayor will impact public employees and the community. Harry embodies middle class values and he recognizes the rights of workers to organize while balancing the needs of all who call the Big Island home.”

Candidates endorsed by HGEA are selected by a member-driven process that starts with political action committees, which are made up of members. Political action committee recommendations are then reviewed by the HGEA board of directors, which is composed of members elected by their respective bargaining units and/or island memberships. The candidate endorsement process is ongoing. Candidates wishing to be considered for endorsement should contact the HGEA division office on their respective island.

# # #

Tribune-Herald announces endorsements

See original article here: 2012 Hawaii Tribune Herald Endorsement
Published October 21, 2012 – 10:41am


In 2008, we narrowly endorsed Billy Kenoi for mayor. We have to admit some buyer’s remorse.

Kenoi has been a disappointment on many levels. He raised tax rates during the economic downturn, spent money on ill-advised projects, cut an expensive side deal with labor, and sometimes has misrepresented to the public how his administration has spent our money. He also has a history of failing to respond to requests from the news media — an important point of distinction for this newspaper.

Perhaps most disappointing, however, is how fiercely political Kenoi appears to be. We get the impression that every single word, shaka and decision is 100 percent of the time motivated by politics. His aggressive fund-raising efforts also underscore this point.

Kenoi has accepted an obscene amount of campaign donations — nearly $500,000, about half of which came from interests outside Hawaii County. You cannot tell us that pile of money doesn’t come without a lot of strings attached. We shudder to think what will happen when all those off-island donors come to collect their favors.

Harry Kim made some lousy decisions as mayor, and he certainly spent too much of our tax money during his two terms in office. But we always believed his intentions were good and that he was looking out for the interests of the people. He was not beholden to outsiders, and, of course, the media could always get him on the phone to comment about public business.

So while Kenoi will win the war of T-shirts, signs and sign-wavers — and certainly the fund-raising battle — we believe Kim has the edge in the areas that matter most: honesty, integrity and experience.

In the end, though, this decision comes down to a simple question: Whom do you trust?

The Tribune-Herald endorses Kim.