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Download a PDF of Harry Kim’s Platform Here

As Mayor, Harry Kim will work to restore trust in County government through an Administrative style that is open, fair, efficient, and prudent.

Harry will continue to encourage the decentralization of County government through the further implementation of the Community Development Plan Program for each District.

Effective Management:

  • Review revenues and expenses to ensure fair tax burdens and prudent spending.
  • Review hiring practices to ensure a fair system is in place and conforms with not just the letter but the spirit of civil service laws and policies.
  • Develop a budgeting and project management system for equitable island-wide investment in infrastructure and public services.
  • Create a responsible annual budget through an open process that includes input from community, business, and government.
  • Streamline government regulation and improve government efficiency without compromising purpose.

Economic Development:

  • Support community development and small business (e.g., enterprise zones).
  • Recognize businesses with social values, not just profit-driven.
  • Support key projects that can stimulate growth and diversify job opportunities.
  • Recognize that robust healthcare and education systems attract and support economic development, and that a robust economy supports livelihoods that can diminish the homeless problem.


  • Emphasize the uniqueness of Hawai‘i Island and environment and take care of (malama) this uniqueness.
  • Adopt policies that will assist the County in becoming more energy sustainable.
  • Encourage continued diversification of the Island’s agricultural industry.
    Actively support efforts to improve primary healthcare for all.

Public Safety:

  • Improve public safety through the creation of the best Civil Defense system bar none.
  • Encourage proactive policies that mitigate or prevent damage from natural disasters that consider climate change impacts.


  • Encourage the development of affordable rentals for Island families.
  • Coordinate efforts to reduce the homeless and “at risk” population.