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second ad 1“This is a common question, and it is very understandable that people should ask.

When I first considered placing my name on the ballot, it was in part due to people asking me to just give them an additional choice in the election. A choice on a difference in management style, priorities, and just as important, how things are done.

However, as time went on, some “home rule” issues became more the focus and concerns of many. An issue was the status of the community development plan program, and the lack of support felt by especially those who contributed so much of their time on this issue.

Other “home rule” issues are raised by Act 55 (established the Public Land Development Corporation), Act 97 (eliminated geothermal resource permit authority of the Hawai‘i County Planning Commission, eliminated geothermal subzones and makes geothermal activity permissible in any land use category), and the attempt by County and State officials to exempt geothermal exploratory drilling from any EA or EIS requirements. It is emphasized that I do support geothermal development, but it must be done right to ensure the protection of people and the environment.

It became very clear that the issues were not just how geothermal or other projects were developed, but more importantly, the taking away of the people’s opportunity for input, the role of the local County government, and the determination of the kinds of developments that affected their lifestyle and their home. These issues are at the very heart of what we believed to be the role and relationship of the people and their government.

These was important enough to me to put my name on the ballot.”